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Night time in Lagos (my first experience)

Should i say last night was hell? maybe not! But it was definately an experience. I stepped out about 5 mins after the previous post and headed to the nearest bus stop – on foot! Unfortunately, the straight buses to ogba that usually hang around where gone… so i decided to go to the other familiar bus stop on Lagos Island, known to me as CMS. I got there aroung 10:09pm and guess what, they had closed for the day! That was when reality finally dawned on me – i was going to be relying on some good samaritan since i dont really know lagos.

I walked down the road to the last bus going down to obalende. after getting in, i asked the passenger right beside me if i could get buses to iju or agege from obalende, luckily someone sitting behind me answered that he was also going to agege. wow! if i could get to agege, i’ll definitely find my way home.

The journey was smooth… late hour factor probably, although a lot of shops were still active. we got to obalende only to find out that the only bus left was going to oshodi. i had no idea of the time cos my phone battery had gon flat earlier. after arriving at oshodi, my ‘samaritan’ said he’ll be leaving me cos he had to go do something @ iyana ipaja first (i wonder what kind of person he was!) at that time of the day (or maybe night) for that matter.

Oshodi was still bubbling… people watching movies in different places, touts still all over the place, and i guess pick-pockets still doing what they knw best. I put my hands in my pockets so as to secure the wallet there… i guess after about 30 mins, i finally got a bus to agege.

Agege wasn’t as it would have been 1.5 hours earlier. I switched on my phone to check the time and promptly turned it off. 11:23pm. the bus took quite some time to get filled up. some women were still out selling stuff. i wonder who planned patronising them as the streets were empty except for a few people like  me (maybe not like me sha). funny enough, i got to my gate exactly 11:47pm. something that can never happen during the day – a less than 10 mins journey from agege to white house b/stop (agbado road). As expected, the gates where already locked (do i have to say that?). I got in tho.

can you imagine?

i live in iju (lagos) and i cant believe i’m still on victoria island at this time of the day! i wanted to leave immediately i concluded the previous post but guess what, the girl i’m courting came online. been a long time and just had to wait and talk to her… wow. now, she’s offline and i’ve got to face reality and start heading home. luckily, i stay alone so no parents are there to worry about me. guys, wish me luck

Initial post

I guess i have to use this to introduce myself. This is olubi ezra… sometimes called ‘doggson’ lol. i call myself naijafan (some friend of mine said he doesnt like ppl with such names… reason: he doesnt like over-patriotism! well, i dont care. what d’ya think?)

olubi ezra is a graduate of babcock university. finished there just this year may. although he had to go back to complete some courses he messed up in :(. so sad! he studied computer science… u can call him the best computer student in that school, he doesnt mind! while in schl, he had a total of 6 girlfriends (did i just say six? maybe more). i think he loves their company… not bad, is it? ooops! we aint here to talk abt his schl life yet are we? maybe we just hold on and post that later. he is a nigerian… was born november 12, 1986 in the ghetto parts of the then largest city in west africa. forgotten the name… tryin to remember, oh! ibadan. wanna know more, mail him… or just post a comment. he’ll respond in no time.

wow. that was a long one… looks short tho! i’ll have to come back here tomorrow to finish up. kinda tired alreadi. twas a long day!