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Yahoo! Go 3.0beta still doesn’t support N82

Earlier this month, sometimes between 4th and 6th, Yahoo released a beta version of their next-generation mobile application which is now more like a widget platform.

This means that developers can write mobile applets and plug it into the Yahoo Go application, thus expanding the options of the average consumer. Funny enough, Yahoo still doesn’t acknowledge the existence of the N82 device. Hmm. . . what’s wrong?

Yahoo! There’s a phone called the N82 please.

Just got my shiny new N82 and couldn’t wait to try out Yahoo! GO on it. I hooked up to the Internet via WiFi, navigated to Yahoo! GO’s homepage and got a message telling me my phone wasn’t supported when I tried the download – WTF?!

I checked up their site and realized Nokia N82 wasnt listed among supported phones. Well, I wanted to write their customer care to notify them of the phone’s existence, LOL. I didnt find one – maybe I wasnt patient enough.

I’ll be posting reviews as time goes on about the N82 in this space. Just in case, it costs nothing to add the RSS to your favorite aggregator.