Cats on Tuesday: Was she pregnant at all?

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Sometimes in March, early March to be specific; I noticed a ‘growth’ around Michelle’s abdomen. Based on the knowledge that she was on heat a few weeks earlier, I concluded she must be pregnant, thanks to Henry :)

I started reading articles on how best to care for a pregnant cat. Michelle seemed to be exhibiting all of the ‘pregnant cat’ symptoms I read about, including occasional morning sickness. She was already seeking out quiet/hidden spots at my place to relax which is normal for a pregnant cat – They love to raise their litter with little or no disturbance. Cats gestate for 9 weeks as against humans’ 9 months so I already assumed I should be getting ready to welcome new kittens into the family by late April or early May.

Approximately 5 weeks after I noticed the ‘growth’, It got real firm and I felt re-assured that my cat was truly pregnant. I couldn’t help telling everyone who has ever come to my place about it. I was so excited. Looking back now, I think I was more excited than a man would have been if his wife was ready to put to bed. “btw, Michelle is pregnant” became a standard closing line to all my text messages. :grin:

Then came the blow. Sometimes last week, I woke up and the ‘growth’ seemed to be gone. Was it just me? I looked in the spot where she normally hid, nothing! Still-birth? I remember we walked in on my first cat when I was much younger eating her babies because they were dead at birth. Fuck no! I couldn’t imagine Michelle had to go through that same trauma.

The spot where the growth feels flabby now, a reminder that something was once there. I really do feel sorry for Michelle (that is, if she really went through the still-birth thingy), and I hope she gets over it quickly and go get herself pregnant, again. After all, Henry is ever ready. ;-)

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10 thoughts on “Cats on Tuesday: Was she pregnant at all?”

  1. lmao!!!
    i couldnt stop laughing
    i dont think Michelle had still birth
    it may just be u…bt if she did i do feel sorry 4 her though..
    nice article.. :up:

    1. OYO!!! Big time! Besides, that explains why cats cant be eradicated.. but imagine, killing 7 million cats in three months! that’s gross. :cry: :cry: :cry:

  2. Now to those “gay ok cos gay occurs in the wild” arguers, i guess eating your still born children should be natural cos it “occurs in the wild”
    eyah to da cat.

  3. Eeyah, why didnt you tell me about this? I was waiting all these will to hear the good news. Michelle dear grandma will visit you soon…

    NB:try and link to Gattina blog {} anytime you do cats on tuesday post so other cats lovers will know abt your post as well as you knowing dear and leaving a comment.

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