Happy new year y’all

Imagine, after all the pomp and {forgotten the spelling} that usually follows the transition from one year to another, Olubi Ezra is just celebrating his! From 10pm Dec 31st to 3am Jan 1st, I was sitted at my laptop. I tried calling a few friends to see what’s up but they were all in church! WTF?! Why was the whole of nigeria in church? Was chatting with a girlfriend in the U.S. who was watching the whatever ball dropping in times square, whatever that means. . . but she was obviously having fun while masses down here (or should I say up here:) ) where praying.

I asked someone the following day to tell me the importance of the prayers, and ended up having my christianity questioned! Here are excerpts:

ME: y d i hav to go to church on dec 31?! please give me a very good reason
Her: its important
ME: a gud reason.
Her: cos its to usher in a new yr
Her: u hav a new yr resolution
Her: rite?
ME: the new year would still come even if 3 meteoriites wiped out life on earth
ME: and of wat significance is a new year resolution?! if its going to be forgotten by the end of january
Her: it keeps u in check
Her: as in
Her: mayb like if there r things
ME: it can be made anytime. it doesnt hav to be at the start of the year
ME: in that case, u’re kinda worshippin the date, not god
Her: no
Her: am not
Her: its to pronounce gud things in ur life 4 d whole yr
ME: how?
ME: what extra effect does prayin on dec 31st have over praying march 14?
Her: wel
ME: u knw all u’re sayin isnt convincing at all. its just the religious illusion we’ve come to take as the norm in nigeria
Her: dats not thru

Wow! Tis very funny to me that the country that seems to be the most prayerful is also the one of the most notorious and corrupt! Well, that aside, hope you guys had a wonderful new year celeberation – cos I’m still expecting my gifts:).

Take care y’all.

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