Redefining Christianity

Christian Bible, rosary, and crucifix.

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The article you are about to read simply voices my opinion and not that of any existing religious group or movement. Any similarities to existing groups is purely coincidental.

I’m not a Christian. Not just because I don’t want to be a Christian, but because I feel Christianity as a whole has lost its meaning. And I definitely can’t be a part of a meaningless movement.

The word ‘Christians’ came into existence when it was used to describe Jesus’ disciples by folks at ancient Antioch. It meant ‘Christ-like’. Basically, these folks could clearly see the disciples walking in their saviour’s steps. What we have today is very much different.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing articles under the category – Redefining Christianity. I have some topics lined up to deal with various aspects of Christianity. Here are a few of them:

  • What Would Jesus Do: Origins and Importance
  • Denominations, hierarchy and divisions in the church
  • Christian holidays
  • etc.

I will appreciate topic suggestions on aspects of Christianity which you think could be discussed on this blog.

Update: The first paragraph is me trying to say I don’t conform to Christianity as practiced today. (For those who got it wrong).

I think I’ve got a writer’s block

Maybe not the type that Karen Eiffel from ‘Stranger than Fiction’ experienced, or Henry Roth’s . I’ve always wondered why I don’t seem to churn out posts like I initially expected myself to. I’m usually someone that almost always have something to talk about. In fact, these past few weeks, I’ve had several things cross my mind to blog about but somehow, I manage not to post a thing.

I have a few notes written down about my perspective on several issues relating to technology, web development, religion, etc. already. It’s time to put them in order and post right here for the world to see. Hey, I’m not going to bore you with a post a day. I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with that even if I tried.

I’m currently reading this. :-)

By the way… jQuery rocks. I wonder why I never thought about using it all these while.

Celebrating Mediocrity

No, I’m not the average Nigerian with a blind / misguided belief that Nigeria is a great country when it comes to Information Technology. Nope, we are not! And if drastic steps are not taken, we wont get anywhere.

While several industries in the country have put modern technology to good use, the software industry is lagging far behind. I remember vividly when I first heard of StartupsNigeria, I thought: “Cool. We have out own Techcrunch!”. I felt this would encourage the creation of innovative startups in the Nigerian IT sector, and as well help showcase  what we can build to the world.

But alas, the reverse is the case. Seemingly pointless services come up like every moment. I know the word pointless is far fetched but what do you say when everyone is trying to become the next Nairaland or the next Facebook. The ‘pointless’ part comes in when you realize that these so called aspiring entrepreneurs have nothing in the works to distinguish them from whoever they are trying to compete with. We see social networks based on open source scripts, forums built on existing platforms.

Why the heck would someone want to build the next big forum anyway? It hardly makes any business sense. Yet, we see so called technology bloggers making noise about these products and hyping them beyond what they really are. A good example of this is Its supposed to be a service that aggregates Nigerian news articles from various publishers. Looking at its entry on StartupsNigeria, I must say I’m disappointed that such a ‘not-ready-for-alpha-test’ service is talked about like its the next Google News killer. Wow.

Ok, maybe I’m being too harsh. Let’s take a look at turenchi. The site’s layout just doesn’t do it justice. Apart from that, the service has little or no features. I’d rather subscribe to keyword-filtered Google News alert than subject my eyes to such boringness. No social features like those available on Topix, no commenting system, no nothing! Just plain news. I believe these are points Loy should have addressed in his post, rather than all the praise he showered.

I bet if we look Nigerian entrepreneurs in the eye and honestly tell them how we feel about their products, we’ll be doing each other a lot of good. One other thing I’ve noticed is the fact that when you tell someone his/her product isn’t up to standard, they prefer to ask you what you have done. That’s plain wrong. We need to posses that hunger to be better. We need to listen to people around us. We need to be innovative and not just lift scripts we cant extend or even maintain. We need to study other companies out there and find out what makes them tick. We need to develop a passion for what we are working on. We need to___ (wait a minute, I’m beginning to sound like a preacher. LOL).

The future of the Nigeria’s IT industry is in our hands.

Thanks to plastiQ, just saw I like the interface.

Felines to the rescue

I was broke, and hungry too. Payday seemed so far away.

I just closed from work and was home alone. Except of course, my two faithful cats.

I looked at Michelle and longed for her to give me that glimmer of hope. That thought that everything was going to be alright.

Henry walked in, came close, looked me in the eye… then arched his back. I lifted myself off the bed, and arched my back too. Michelle nodded. I could see she was happy.

Henry started towards the kitchen. I followed… on all fours. Michelle followed too.

We got to the kitchen and Henry meowed. I did the same, just before he tugged at the cabinet door. I opened it. Then I saw it. The single thing that could take my hunger away. I helped myself, and gave them some too. We ate like one big family, right there… on all fours.

Unfinished business


Or unfinished projects. I’ve got lots of them. Late last year, I thought a tool that could help migrate structure and data from one database management system to another (e.g. MySQL to SQL Server) was a good idea. Next, I thought of a way to actually make people using the application on the regular since database migration was probably a once in a lifetime task. That’s how the Universal Database Client project commenced.

Development tool of choice was VS2008. I knew if I had to write a database client, I had to set it apart from others like Navicat, or SQLYog (for MySQL) by addressing some issues I had with using them. I figured those two clients didnt take advantage of multi-threading and always have their GUI frozen when connecting to a database server or running queries. I read up on background tasks in .NET and compared different ways to go about it. Within 3 weeks, I had a working application which could connect to a MySQL server, enumerate databases, show tables, and execute queries.

And that was it. Development was always during my spare time. That spare time never seemed to come anymore. It’s over 3 months now since I last touched a line of code in the project. Seems like every time I think about it, I tend to give an excuse of how overwhelmed I am with my workplace projects.

My Twitter friends came up with several likely reasons for this.
- Lack of interest. I would say I’m really interested in seeing the project as far as possible. Would really love to see it actually downloaded by people all over the world for use in talking to their databases.
- Lack of motivation. I guess they have a point here. I’m probably not motivated enough. But I barely have no excuse. Other FOSS projects live to see the light of day at least. Mine hasn’t.
- Procrastination. Yea. I’m guilty of that.
- Idea no longer feasible. Hell NO!!! This is very much feasible. Besides, its not like I’m spending so much on it. If anything, I develop myself while working on it.
- Other well paying projects. Well, yea. That should be a reason. But it is not a reason in this case anyway.
- Poor project management skills. LOL. I’m not a project manager. But maybe @DamolaSolanke’s right anyway.

I’ve decided to commence development next month. I’ll do my best to stop procrastinating and grow my project management knowledge. By the way, the project is meant to be free and open source. It’s written in C#. I will appreciate additional developers on this project. Contact me if you are interested.

Do you know other steps that should be taken to prevent slow downs in personal projects, sound off in the comments.

Our Father…

I woke up exactly 12:46pm this afternoon. That was a good 12-hour sleep. Something I haven’t had in a long time.

I had a conversation with a friend via IM, Saturday evening. We were joking about ‘defiled beds’ and praying on such beds when I hinted that I wasn’t a Christian. Her response – “that’s very foolish”. Then next thing – “1 more person I need to pray for”. LOL. Maybe I dont know how things work but I’d like to think if I were God, I would dis-own such a Christian. But then, that’s probably why I’m not God… or probably a reason why there’s no ‘God’.

Now, dont get me wrong. I’m not atheist. I was brought up in a Christian home. My dad was a priest, and my mum was a chorister. We attended Deeper Life Bible Church. I still respect some of the church’s values even though I don’t actively attend it anymore – the numerous reasons for this will be discussed some other time. At some point anyway, I had to stop in my religious tracks, and try to see things from the other side of the fence.

So I woke up 12:46pm and didn’t actually get up till about 3 hours later. My laptop was on the bed (was on facebook before I slept off), so I checked my facebook notifications, replied emails, checked up on what those I follow on Twitter were up to, and started reading Heroes spoilers. Basically, my ‘weekend’ ended right after that cos I was back to work in no time. At least, I had a good night rest in a long time.

The day is over already. Tomorrow is Monday. Guess its time to say that goodnight prayer. Getting rusty these days, but I recollect prayers start with “Our Father…” :-) Goodnight!

Hello world!

A true Hello World indeed!

This is my first post on this blog. Never mind the older posts – I imported those from my previous Windows Live Spaces and blogs.

This blog will give you an insight into the weird and lonely life of a programmer, and his frequent disappointing encounters with the real-world. By the way, I just love this theme. It’s so simple… and it defines me, I guess. Don’t have much to say apart from reminding you to add this page to your RSS reader.


Black N82 – Now official!

The Black N82 is now official and comes with Location tagging out of the box.

This jet black multimedia computer enables people to “geotag” the images they capture – allowing them to not only be saved by date, but by location as well.

Taking advantage of its integrated A-GPS functionality and high resolution camera, the Nokia N82 automatically tags images with capture location metadata, making it possible to view the capture location on a map either on the Internet or on the device itself. When it comes to sharing, consumers can upload their pictures or videos directly from their Nokia N82 to services like Share on Ovi, Flickr or YouTube. By installing Nokia’s exclusive and free Sports Tracker application, consumers can share their whereabouts and travel route with others on the Sports Tracker website – including the capture locations of images.

Now, if only Nokia would let me trade in my silver N82 for the black one. Heck, its even 50 euros cheaper than the silver version.

Full press release here