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Happy New Year, bitches!

IMG_0788 It feels so good to be baaaack! Erm, did I really go anywhere? I know, its January 12 already. Guess a lot of peeps have forgotten they even had a holiday. No, I’ve not. I’m still living it. And hey, did I say I had the best Christmas break ever? Mum should definitely not see that – we haven’t seen each other since April last year. I’m currently less than 40 kilometers to her so I should go say hi to her very soon.

A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. I’ll mention two notable ones.

Michelle, my queen, gave birth to 4 kittens. Junior, Brenda (the girl in the picture), Alex, and Kaytee. The kittehs are soooooo cute. Two of them have gotten themselves good foster parents already. Seriously, I would have loved to keep them all.

Next, I made a really good friend. ‘Nuff said. :p

Anyway, I’m looking forward to an awesome year ahead and I’m sure you guys are doing the same.

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Cats on Tuesday: Dear Henry

Snapshot_20090317_3 Dear Henry,

Last week Tuesday morning, you woke me up from sleep. It was so unlike you. I felt loved and couldn’t resist playing with you before going to the office.

You were on my mind all day at work. On my way back, I got you your favourite treat – mackerel in tomato sauce (popularly called geisha in these parts of the world). I knew you loved it. Yes, it was written all over your face.

I don’t know why I had to spoil the fun by letting that girl have you for the night. She came to me asking that she needed one of you guys to stay in her kitchen for the night to scare the shit out of the rats in there. I knew I wasn’t supposed to honour her request…but I don’t know why I still went ahead and did. I picked you. I believed you would make a good soldier.

On my way down the stairs, I saw the fear in your eyes but I chose not to acknowledge it. Stupidly. Heck, you even buried your claws deep into my flesh to let me realize what I was doing wasn’t funny. I still ignored you. Stupidly. We got to her place, I hurriedly dropped you and locked the door behind me. I knew you wanted to follow me back upstairs. I could see it. You jumped on the cabinet and looked at me through the window. I looked into your eyes, told you we’ll see in the morning. Little did I know that was the last I was going to see of you.

Early Wednesday morning, I came downstairs… only to realize you had gone. I know you wanted to come back home, but couldn’t. I shed a tear, tweeted about it, cursed myself for letting you out of my sight for the night… but all that could do nothing to bring you back home.

I can imagine how much you must have been bullied by other stray cats in the neighborhood, but I’m sure you’re ‘repping’ where you came from. Seriously, those cats have got nothing on you. I’m sure you’ll survive. And maybe one day, fate will bring us back together again.

Yours faithfully,



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Cats on Tuesday: Was she pregnant at all?

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Sometimes in March, early March to be specific; I noticed a ‘growth’ around Michelle’s abdomen. Based on the knowledge that she was on heat a few weeks earlier, I concluded she must be pregnant, thanks to Henry :)

I started reading articles on how best to care for a pregnant cat. Michelle seemed to be exhibiting all of the ‘pregnant cat’ symptoms I read about, including occasional morning sickness. She was already seeking out quiet/hidden spots at my place to relax which is normal for a pregnant cat – They love to raise their litter with little or no disturbance. Cats gestate for 9 weeks as against humans’ 9 months so I already assumed I should be getting ready to welcome new kittens into the family by late April or early May.

Approximately 5 weeks after I noticed the ‘growth’, It got real firm and I felt re-assured that my cat was truly pregnant. I couldn’t help telling everyone who has ever come to my place about it. I was so excited. Looking back now, I think I was more excited than a man would have been if his wife was ready to put to bed. “btw, Michelle is pregnant” became a standard closing line to all my text messages. :grin:

Then came the blow. Sometimes last week, I woke up and the ‘growth’ seemed to be gone. Was it just me? I looked in the spot where she normally hid, nothing! Still-birth? I remember we walked in on my first cat when I was much younger eating her babies because they were dead at birth. Fuck no! I couldn’t imagine Michelle had to go through that same trauma.

The spot where the growth feels flabby now, a reminder that something was once there. I really do feel sorry for Michelle (that is, if she really went through the still-birth thingy), and I hope she gets over it quickly and go get herself pregnant, again. After all, Henry is ever ready. ;-)

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